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Economic Opportunities and Challenges
for the Central Catskills


Telecommunications offers a unique opportunity for rural development. It represents a tool with which rural businesses and citizens can directly participate in national and global economies by allowing urban-based industries and customers to access rural products, services, and markets more easily.

Cultural & Heritage Tourism

According to Jack Walter, former president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, heritage tourism "is the fastest growing category of travel in the United States. Heritage travelers spend twice as much as average tourists and are extraordinarily sensitive to unique and fragile community cultures and resources. Because heritage travelers are interested in authentic, real, natural and interesting experiences, communities do not need to build theme parks or other single-purpose infrastructure in order to attract their business. It goes without saying that historic preservation, heritage development, travel and tourism, and economic development groups have figured out that heritage tourism presents enormous opportunities."

Historic Preservation

The Cost of Rural Sprawl

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