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The Catskills are a haven for hikers, skiiers, fishermen, hunters, nature lovers and people who love the mountains.

The Catskill Heritage Alliance is a grassroots organization dedicated to preserving the harmony     between people and wilderness in the central Catskills. We seek:

To promote the revitalization of our diverse communities and the preservation of our open spaces
To support sustainable economic growth that will retain local talent and maintain our way of life
To advance development that helps our hamlets thrive
To protect the unique wilderness environment that is the region’s abiding treasure and its most reliable economic engine
To serve as a resource for information about life inside the ‘Blue Line’
To keep our Catskill heritage — and to keep it vital

To motivate young people through our scholarship programs

Members of the CHA board:

Chairperson, Kathy Nolan
Secretary, Freddi Dunleavey
Treasurer, Richard Schaedle
Executive Committee, Scott Gould, Ben Korman, Karen Charman. New members (2-year term): Michele Wooton, Goline Doremus, Matt Frisch, Jeffrey Potent, Denis Orloff.

Meetings are held on the last Sunday of each moth at 4 PM. The Catskill Heritage Alliance holds regular monthly meetings in the Pine Hill Community Center. You are welcome to attend. To find out more, email:

The Catskill Heritage Alliance is a grassroots organization dedicated to preserving the harmony between the villages of the central Catskills and the surrounding wilderness through community revitalization and open space conservation. The CHA is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt charitable organization.

New SEQRA Documents are out!

SDEIS for Proposal from Crossroads Ventures   Information about the proposed Belleayre Resort and its potential impacts on the community and environment.

UMP for Belleayre Mountain Ski Center  Information about several possible ski area expansion plans, from major construction to doing nothing at all, called the "Unit Management Plan".

Cumulative Impact Statement (scroll down to Part C) The combined effects and impacts of the two projects taken as a whole.